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Paul Takken of Xebia, a partner of my dayjob at Scrum Inc., and an Agile consultancy based in the Netherlands, sent me this note. It exudes the “Agile Mindset”, a positivity in keeping with the 12 Agile Principles and 4 Agile Values from The Agile Manifesto ( It’s brilliant, in my opinion,  and I believe this post will transform several business and individuals for even more awesome:
Tonight it suddenly struck me: why I LOVE the AWESOMENESS of AGILE and companies should also embrace this. But NOT in the way they do it right now..
It’s all about the true essence of Agility/Scrum: It embraces failure, stimulates creativity and thinks in true value in stead of time.
Actually all things we are learned to eliminate when we grow up: We shouldn’t make mistakes, everything should be predictable and measurable as possible. It blocks peoples imagination as years go bye, away from the boundless world during the early days of our childhood.
That’s the reason I love EduScrum and dislike some parts of the SAFe framework.  EduScrum embraces failure, stimulates creativity and thinks in true value in stead of time.  It preserves this way of authentic thinking from children.   Despite the good intentions, like conventional education, SAFe tries to prevent failure as much as possible and replaces creativity by a prescriptive framework.   
Finally, and most seriously, the way we are “created” prevents us from being enlightened and most companies from being successful: “Does this WikiSpeed car really drive?” “Can the conventional engine of a WikiSpeed car really be replaced by a H2 engine in 3 hours?”  YES IT DOES.  And everything else you can think of.  A WikiSpeed rocket to Mars? SURE. WHY NOT? WANNA BET? 😉
And, do you like this way of thinking? How about “upgrading” this opinion to a blogpost together? 😉
-Paul Takken
High Fives to Paul, whom is currently launching Agile beyond IT (eXtreme Manufacturing, #XMfg) in addition to their software based Agile consulting. This “jump” to Agile beyond software seems very natural to folks who have achieved an Agile Mindset- they simply think of all of their work in accordance with the Agile Manifesto, swapping out each mention of “Software” with “Customer visible value.”
Here is a video of some of the work Paul, Jacqueline and I started together at TU Delft’s Hyrdrogen Fuel Cell car program:
And a hilarious, I think, photo of Paul’s watch and car navigation. Both have been hacked to run the current rev of Tom Tom’s navigation software. Paul is working with the Agile software development teams there as an Agile Coach, and wanted to prove the point that most boundaries the business and developers had assumed existed for their products are just a few story points away:
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