Scrum is the dominant creator of new money according to the NYSE

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According to Forbes list of the top US IPO’s of all time (all in the last 25 years), we have a list of the top creators of new wealth on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Each of these companies relies on Scrum for fast creation of new product and rapid discovery of opportunities for improvement. Some I’ve worked with. Some I’ve worked with the coaches who work there. Some of these companies even go so far as to post their number of Certified Scrum Masters and Certified Product Owners publicly on the Scrum Alliance site:

Facebook: 0. (I’ve been there, it’s Scrum boards everywhere. And Twitter and Zynga, too).
Visa: 74. (I’ve met with Visa’s Scrum Teams, Scrum is core to their business strategy).
GM: 29. (I’ve worked with GM’s Scrum teams and their full time Scrum coaches. Amazing to see 29 certified folks publicly posted!).
Kraft: 0. (I’ve worked with Scrum coaches from inside Craft. And, Nestle, too.)
UPS: 5.
CIT: 2.
Travelers: 9. (I’ve worked with their Scrum Coaches).
Hospital Corporation of America: 1.
Goldman Sachs: 3. (They have a very sophisticated Scrum adoption, awesome to see 3 certified folks publicly posted!)
People’s United Bank: 0. (I’ve met with Scrum team members from Peoples, good job folks!)
Although Forbes has written about Scrum numerous times, I’d love to see them index top IPO’s by project management type. We still have waterfall holdovers making huge money, like the Agricultural Bank of China, but as even big government goes Scrum (thanks Washington State and Michael DeAngelo, and the teams that rescued Sentinal and!) we can suspect to see even more direct financial dominance of the companies that can iterate themselves and their services the most quickly.
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