Top Five Scrum Metrics

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When coaching in a company, I always recommend each team Scrum Master track 5 metrics each sprint:

1) Team Velocity per sprint. This gives us the more important Acceleration.

2) Quality. How this is tracked varies per industry, but is often bugs found in field.

3) Time to Fix a bug: For each bug or defect, the number of hours from the time it was found until it was resolved. Bonus points for recording the root cause analysis and systematized resolution for bugs that take more than 2 hours to fix, in hardware or software.

4) Team Happiness, using the Happiness Metric.

5) Try’s. The Try’s are single process improvement the team selects each retrospective.

It takes the Scrum Master about 15 minutes to record all 5 of these each sprint. Does the Scrum Master have to be the one to do it? Of course not; but if no one is doing it the Scrum master has to- they are the pointer to make sure this gets done.

These metrics are IN ADDITION TO the Scrum Master’s normal responsibility to make highly visible the 3 Scrum Artifacts each sprint: The Backlog, the Sprint Backlog, and the Potentially Shippable Product Increment. And these metrics are IN ADDITION to the Scrum Master’s normal responsibility to post a big, visible Scrum Board or Kanban Board, a Burn Down chart for the sprint, and a Burn Up or Burn Down of the release plan.

  • Barbara | Jan 4, 2015 at 9:18 PM

    Can you tell me more about Try’s?

    • Chris Wallace | Jan 9, 2015 at 4:33 PM


      The “Try’s” in this post are referring to process improvement. We, as a team, choose 1 process improvement to try each Sprint. We then evaluate if the process improvement was successful at the end of the Sprint. This can be something as simple as, “We have cookies and ice cream at the build parties,” to “We use Google Hangouts for our Standup meeting.” Hopefully, I spoke to your question. If not, please let us know so we can clarify or expound.

      Chris Wallace

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