Who Fires A Scrum Team?!

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Who Fires a Scrum Team?!

In an Agile 1.0 organization, where a traditional management structure exists with Scrum teams in delivery roles inside the company, traditional management fires the Scrum team if they don’t perform.

In an Agile 2.0 organization, where the entire company is reformed of Scrum teams delivering the outputs of previous silos, a leadership Scrum team processes a backlog item each sprint evaluating Scrum team performance and firing the Scrum team with an interrupt backlog item if they don’t perform.

In an agile 3.0 organization, team retrospectives include evaluations of their performance and the team has full authority to fire team members or disband the team to ensure the health of the team.

I have not yet ever been part of an agile transformation that required firing anyone. I have seem people opt out of a company during an agile transformation.

I have not yet ever recommended a Scrum team be fired. Due to the big and visible performance metrics of each member of each team and of each team, individuals and teams self-organize to correct and improve long before a blunt and imprecise solution such as firing would be helpful. That said, being clear about when a team would be fired, and who would do it, completed the CRUD operations required of any object oriented system, such as a Scrum team or firm composed of Scrum teams.

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