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An Agile Homeroom, or centralized agile business unit, appears to be a necessary step as agility grows across a company. We are seeing this now across the 370,000 employees at Bosch, for example.

Cliff Notes version of what I’m learning in this space:
1) having a clear, easy way to see the current outputs of the group (career paths, compliance models for Scrum project deliveries, coaching requests, impediment removals, etc) is important for the rest of the company to use the services provided. A slack channel, yammer, email list, or the closest thing to an internal social media tool seems to be the best out there right now.
2) having a clear, easy way to send requests to the group where others can see the requests too and +1 them seems to be important. (see social media type tools above).
3) Continually revising a recommended Agile project delivery and team formation model allows people to know how they can be in compliance and use these fast, lean, project delivery methods. I’m running into companies without this having their implementations stop spreading as business unit leads are fearful of being out of compliance, or having very different agile implementations in each business unit to the point they can’t collaborate any better than they used to.
4) give HR a seat at the table early. All of these agile scaling approaches are running into career pathing updates, just as you mentioned, and having HR to collaborate from early on appears to be a necessity.
For more on this, you may want to have some folks attend Scrum Inc.’s next Scrum at Scale course ( )
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