How to Fire a Scrum Team Member

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Scrum firing template: How to announce firing a team member in a an environment that values openness, courage, commitment, focus, and respect:


Yesterday, for <reasons>, <specific names> decided to let <name> go. <Their reaction>. <Our reaction to their reaction>. They are outside the company now, there are no restrictions to talking to them, and they have shown no trend to violence or defaming.

Fictitious Example:

At the beginning of the sprint, for lack of attention to detail, failing to meet the definition of done but insisting it was done, and working on the lowest priority work or off-backlog, Lorne, Angela, and I decided to let Calvin go. He was sad, but handled it elegantly. We gave him 2 months severance including healthcare, and are currently helping him find a position in another company. He is outside the company, there are no restrictions on talking to him, and he has shown no trends to violence or defaming.

Now, this all happens after the firing. Ideally any firing decision is made transparently with the team and the team member involved. Openness, right? But if there isn’t an efficient resolution to meet the team’s commitment with focus and courage, then the firing decision is made with openness and respect.

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