3d Printed Transmission Challenge – $1,000

Folks, please consider taking this on, and please help post it on fabrication sites and maker message forums!

We need a 5 speed + Reverse, Automatic or manual transmission that costs a LOT less than what is on the market now. Even a sophisticated modern transmission is less than $200 of materials- but for us to purchase they are well over $2,000.

We need an Open Source plan or an affordable supplier for transmissions that take a standard output and input, and cost less than $1,000 each.

  • Must have 5 speeds + Reverse. Automatic or Manual.
  • The gear rations should be the same or similar to a 2006+ Honda Civic.
  • The transmission must sustain at least 45 ft-lbs of torque through it in any gear. This is very light, meaning it may be possible for the transmission to be 3d printed.
  • The transmission must weigh less than 45 lbs.
  • Must have an input of a 1/2″ square drive (a power tool standard) and a 4″ ring of 5x 3/8th’s inch holes (similar to how a wheel mounts on a car’s hub) (so we could drive the input with a ratchet).
  • Must have an output of a 1/2″ square drive male with a 4″ ring of 5x 3/8ths inch holes (so we could put a socket on the output).
  • Must be able to be assembled in less than 1 hour from 3d printed parts (or subtraction rapid prototyping, like a CNC mill/router).
  • To win, we must receive a link to a YouTube video showing the transmission meeting the above requirements.
  • To win, we must receive a working prototype and the Open Source CAD and code to print more.
 Transmission may have MORE than 5 forward speeds. Transmission may be CVT.