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Announcement version .1b (Expect something more beautiful and arranged in the future, but here is the critical info) WELCOME TO WIKISPEED EXPO 2017! Where: Seattle, WA, USA. Likely Pacific Raceways racetrack in the AM then WIKISPEED's Lynnwood, WA, USA shop in the evening. Pacific Raceways (not yet confirmed):...

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Twice the Teslas in Half the Time

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In 2006 I designed and manufactured the WIKISPEED modular car. In 2010 team WIKISPEED produced the Scrum Build Server, a Scrum team with flexible tooling capable of compiling a wide variety of CAD designs, testing them, and deploying them as complete physical products. In 2011 Tim Myer...

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OODA loop

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I asked Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum, what is the most important learning for all Scrum practitioners and trainers. He looked at me with locked on crazy eyes and said: "They must have the MINDSET of Scrum!" I physically rocked back on my...

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Product Owner Dependability and Adaptability

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This blog post is an invite for open discussion.  If you have any insight or opinions about the content included in this post, please feel free to comment.  We appreciate all feedback and welcome all input. Here begins Rev 0 AKA the rough draft of my...

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Story Points Estimation

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This blog post summarizes the key points which came up in a conversation between Joe Justice and Chris Wallace discussing some challenges Chris is having with consistently and accurately estimating points for user stories in the WikiSpeed Burleson, TX, USA shop. While explaining his current experience with story...

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