In 2010 we tied for 10th place in the Mainstream Class of the Progessive Insurance Automotive X Prize, achieving 109 mpg combined EPA city/highway in simulation of that test. We received $10,000 in road legalization testing and consulting as our consolation prize. With that money, we have developed the Roadster, which is avialable for sale in our online store as 8 separate modules.

Now we are working on:

A next generation mail delivery vehicle for postal services globally. We intend to update this design for use as a compact, ultra-efficient RV camping vehicle and a light commercial delivery vehicle.

A next generation taxi cab vehicle for global use.

An ultra-light racing vehicle to campaign at the world’s most famous race track, the Nuremburgring. We have a prototype there currently under development by LG WikiSpeed.De.

An ultra-lite 5 seat sedan as part of ARPA-E’s LiteCar Challenge.

Our current open source roadster is shown below:




You may prototype your own WIKISPEED car with us from our Open Source plans for free, or purchase the modules you’d like from our Online Store.

Developed as a Minimum Viable Product and descended from our eco-challenge race car, the modules available for sale skip every amenity except a smartphone dock in the dash panel.  They do not have a lockable trunk, roof, or cup holders – yet.  Step over the side crush structures and fixed door panels then sit down inside like a pure race car for the ultimate in light-weight and simplicity.

  • We have tested the car internally, while campaigning in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, and with Roush Industries where it scored 69.01 highway on it’s best run before we found the wheels were dragging on the dynamometer and the fan was not blowing on our cooling system, meaning we are confident we can score much higher.  We excitedly await our next test at an independent institution and official EPA rankings.  Thanks for considering supporting us by building one of our prototypes!

WikispeedThree2106eWe have built to NHTSA and IIHS specifications and prepare for official test and rankings.  The car has been impact tested at CAPE in Indiana, where the driver’s seat broke loose, allowing us to discover faulty MIG weld seams.  The seat mounts have been replaced by bolt-in plates, and we are iterating to replace all welded joins with bolt-in gusset plates.  The car has a driver’s air bag option but does not yet have an airbag sensor strategy and airbag computer.  We excitedly look forward to partnering with an airbag and related safety systems group or engineer to provide a complete and testable airbag system, and at the same time are prototyping our own Open Source airbag computer and firing system.

  • 0 to 60 MPH comes in 5 seconds with a Honda R18 engine from a 2006-2011 Honda Civic 1.8l.
  • Current top speed of 149 MPH with a Honda R18 engine from a 2006-2011 Honda Civic 1.8l.
  • The ultra-efficient gasoline engine is mid-mounted for optimum efficiency of power delivery and minimal energy loss when turning. There is room for 4 adults, just barely, or 2 adults with childseats or parcels in the back. And it’s super fun.wikispeed-car
  • Prototypes are available as 8 types of modules, in our Online Store. The body is crafted in Maryland, the chassis built in Washington, the engine and transmission produced in Ohio, and the electronics systems built in Japan and France and the United Kingdom.
  • Mechanicals serviceable by any shop equipped to service current generation Honda engines. Modules slide out, providing access to all sides of most components, for ease of self service if desired.


  • Snow and foul weather stable handling with the engine directly over the driven wheels. It’s similar in foul weather to a Honda Accord.

Financing Options We do not currently offer financing, but purchasing your vehicle one module at a time allows splitting the cost up as your cars pieces are assembled. For the most opportunity to iterate your vehicle, we highly recommended building one or more of the modules yourself from our open source plans, which are posted for free in the online Store.

Current bug report (Updated March 7th 2015):
Unstable at highway speed turning. FIXED in Suspension Module version 29b and above!
Wide turn radius at low speed. FIXED in Suspension Module version 29b and above!
No fuel gauge with current fuel system. FIXED In engine module 5 and above!
Overheats intermittently. FIX In testing! Prototype this with us!
No wipers in current iteration.
No parking brake in current iteration. FIX In testing! Prototype this with us!
Airbags not functional. IN DEVELOPMENT.
No rear seats and belts currently.
Pulse and Glide not automated.
No windshield defrost.
Last EPA test 69 mpg hwy, need to run new test.
Roadster aero package needs a aerodynamic roof panel and a boat-tail.

WHAT IF WE ALL SPENT TWO HOURS A WEEK DESIGNING THE VEHICLES OF THE FUTURE? At WIKISPEED we are driven to do awesome things to change the world for the better.  Our cars are super-efficient which is exactly how we run our business, and we genuinely care about making things better every iteration.  We are developing convertible bodies as well as a pickup truck, which can be swapped out in about the time it takes to change a tire.  Amazing things like this are possible because:

  • Our car is modular—meaning we can swap out parts easily.
  • Improvements to any portion of the car are incorporated the next one week sprint by people just like you pairing with experts globally, unlike multi-year design up-front cycles we see in most manufacturing companies.
  • Our Agile, distributed international team works on simply creating the most awesome car possible. Awesome in terms of environmental impact, fun to drive, outright speed, ergonomics, capacity, utility, price, safety, maintainability, durability, and reliability.