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  Two very interesting questions arrived today back to back. Some others on the internet may enjoy these questions, and possibly even my answers: -      How to “scale” the MVPs/solutions coming out of sprint teams. How does the MVP get transferred to the line and implemented? What’s the...

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Twice the Teslas in Half the Time

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In 2006 I designed and manufactured the WIKISPEED modular car. In 2010 team WIKISPEED produced the Scrum Build Server, a Scrum team with flexible tooling capable of compiling a wide variety of CAD designs, testing them, and deploying them as complete physical products. In 2011 Tim Myer...

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OODA loop

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I asked Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum, what is the most important learning for all Scrum practitioners and trainers. He looked at me with locked on crazy eyes and said: "They must have the MINDSET of Scrum!" I physically rocked back on my...

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