Rapid Prototyping Circuit Boards

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We use a homebuild system that we bought complete for $2,700 USD. The plans to build that are free online here: With this unit and etchable PCB's, you can Subtractively Rapid Print your circuit boards in house, and it goes really fast too- no more 3...

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Extreme Manufacturing in 5 Minutes

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I recently gave a presentation to the Pacific Northwest Orginizational Development Network (PNODN). I had 90 minutes total, 10 times as many as TEDxRainier, and was able to dive deeper into Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, and XP practices applied together for manufacturing and R&D. I...

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Enabling Emerging Markets to Manufacturer Their Own

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// Enabling Emerging Markets to Manufacture Their Own Ultra-efficient Transportation, WIKISPEED and Open Source Ecology Announce Partnership in Open-Hardware Movement// Seattle, WA, and Maysville, MO, USA (February 24, 2012) The open-hardware movement got a tremendous boost today when WIKISPEED, an innovative automotive company building modular, high-performance cars...

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