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  1. I am a automobile designer from China(PRC)
    I saw the car at tv. i love it!
    it’s really the idea, it’s great!
    I want to konw will you open the profiles of the car’s design?(just like linux in it)?
    waiting for your reply !
    Good lucky!!

  2. Hello WikiSpeed,

    You have produced a strong pull to the traditional development process. Every week a new version of a complex product like a car is very revolutionary. The traditional way of product development like the systems engineering process is not able to invent in a weekly period. Interaction between the members of a development team need good and balanced communication. Team member creates different results to walk one step in the development process.

    Did have fixed your development process on a detailed level or do you have fixed a framework to describe the expected result (keyword to fix the content, key figures or descrption for the quality)
    Could you give an example?

    Thank you!

    Best regards
    Frank Marrenbach

    Dipl.-Ing. Frank Marrenbach
    University Duisburg-Essen
    Transportsysteme und -logistik

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