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  1. Hmm,
    Just a bit of homework, look up or measure input signal also find actual output to control engine with failure or out of range behavior — plus minimum requirements to limp home. .. then plan a functional diagram before building get it reviewed by three people: dummy, Idiot, genius, and sleep on the idea. (preferably a thoughtful prayer for assistance/blessing on your effort.) Is this SCRUM?

  2. Here are some observations regarding modulating speed and acceleration for maximizing fuel economy.

    Let me suggest that you limit the gallons per hour figure (A measured amount in obdII) based on attitude … whether the vehicle is going up or down hill. It became quite obvious to me using a live reporting tool that you get a lot greater bang for your buck (higher MPG) if you allow more vigorous acceleration downhill and even allow the vehicle to slowly lose speed by limiting the fuel delivered when the vehicle is going uphill.

    Consider the prime metrics are miles per gallon and miles per hour. If you maximize the miles per hour while controlling the gallons per hour. To wit, if you limit the gallon per hour to one-gallon, you’ll have to be averaging 100 mph at that average rate of consumption to average 100 mpg.

    The point is, you don’t want to limit speed, you want to limit gallons per hour.

    ps: If you have the ultragage tool you’d see that to just maintain a speed uphill can increase consumption to 3-5+ gph whereas had you accelerated with a 2.5 gph input downhill you would add 10-15 mph to your speed downhill which with a 1.0 gph (self-limited fuel input) will allow you to slowly fall to the original speed you were seeking to maintain – hence you used less gas had had a higher average speed.

  3. Have you checked out Divergent Microfactories? It would be interesting to see what synergies you could come up with between the 2 organizations: They’ve created a 3d printed super car using carbon fiber tubing for the chassis. Their particular take is that the emissions damage from a manufacturing plant is much higher per vehicle than those from the vehicles themselves, so they’ve created both an efficient vehicle and a way to manufacture locally and with a small footprint.

  4. Hi! Last night i saw your team for the first time in a program called REPORT, on Italy tv. I remembered today a romanian engineer, teacher and inventor, Justin Capra. Maybe you heard of him. He invented few types of car and few flying machine. One of his inventions was the smallest car , named Soleta F, which had 95 kg and a consume of 0,5 l/ 100km. Another car model, similar Soleta F, called Soleta I.C 200, touched the speed of 67 km / h.
    I thought that this might help you somehow. you can come to Romania and inform yourselves more about everything. 🙂
    God bless you all so that you can really help people , especially the poor ones and the homeless ones!

  5. Salve vi ho visto in una trasmissione televisiva in Italia, vorrei sapere come posso essere utile visto che io sono un artigiano in carpenteria in ferro se è possibile avere un v.s riscontro su come procedere per avere un reddito ho altro ok attendo con piacere un v.s riscontro! !!!!
    In attesa porgo distinti saluti! !!! Rocco

  6. Your Micro House page does not make it clear how to sign up for that project. Also, it would be nice to have additional info like when, where, how, etc. are people collaborating on that project and what is the time commitment.

    Note: Warming the space by 20 degrees over outside temperature is fine when outside is 50 degrees or lower, but what about when it’s 60, 70, 80 or higher outside already?

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  8. Concerning the engine module; if I’m reading correctly, the problem is not mounting the engine but getting it to run. If this is the case why not just outsource it to a small shop. You wouldn’t loose anything. It seems like your engine module is pretty standard stuff and Honda tuner shops are a dime a dozen. What you have done already is amazing! Why let such a trivial thing as mechanic work sink the whole thing.

    1. James,

      This is the perfect opportunity for an update on the latest plan of attack. The WIKISPEED Lynnwood shop has attained a working 2006 Honda Civic and pulled the drive train. This will allow us to mount a known working solution with matching keys and ECU in our engine module. We can then put the engines we have in the body of the Civic and take them to a Honda dealer for ECU reprogramming. It just might be awesome!


  9. It’s great for your engineering team. God bless you all for changing our world….. I am interested in helping in donating money and be a part of your engineering. However, I would like to meet your CEO if possible.

    I am in 100% trust in your engineering team that what you are doing now will be the world car…..and will be serve billion and billion clients…… I am sure………

    Great appreciate if you would let me know if I can make an appointment to meet the CEO.


    Kally Lee

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’ve just checked the links to Forbes articles on the Press page. The first one I clicked on did have an ad on Forbes’ site. I just clicked “Continue to Site” in the upper right corner. I did not see any subsequent ads after that when viewing the other Forbes articles.

  10. Joe long time no talk too!Going to be in Seattle for a layover for about 4hours before flying to Alaska on Tuesday December 16possible to meet with you?

  11. i’m trying to join a team, particularly the one for the micro-house design, but the page keep giving me an error and telling me to contact by other means, so please contact me i want to help this project to become successful

  12. I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering problems with your blog.
    It appears like some of the text within your posts
    are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me
    know if this is happening to them too? This could be a problem with my browser because I’ve
    had this happen before. Thanks

  13. The materials from which the micro-house are constructed sound vaguely toxic. Would expect excellent ventilation, of course.

  14. It’s great to see you attempting what should have been done a long time ago. The Aptera auto was suppose to go from prototype to a final product produced for the consumer for about $30,000. It was a viable working model but taking it to the production end proved to be it’s undoing. They brought in so called car experts who of course were demanded by the big money investors and poof out of business and I believe the assets were purchased by the Chinese. This with millions of dollars sunk into it.
    Yours is commendable and do able but I’m more interested in having it right now.

    The reason the Aptera was capable of probably making those numbers was it was a three wheel vehicle. So it was not required to pass current emission and front impact standards. These can add millions to the development costs.
    I was privy to the development of the first all carbon fiber business aircraft where the development alone was a billion dollars. It actually made it to the production level but flopped as a product because they forgot that people purchase things that will do what they want. This product failed to perform even though it had some of the most exotic material ever built.

    I see from just looking over your information you realize that the vehicle has to be light and it needs to be somewhat under powered. So I commend you on your top speed and acceleration but I see you also haven’t made the 100 mpg yet if I am correct on my observation.

    I believe you have good intentions but eventually you also are going to run into the liability issue. For this reason alone it will force you into the for profit side of business like it or not.

    A model of business I’ve looked at Saab (Who I believe also had assets purchased by the Chinese) was estimated to need about $700 million dollars in income just to stay at break even.

    I say all these things not to discourage you but to say if you have a kit for a product that I can purchase that will get 100 mpg with reasonable speed and acceleration, honestly. Is relatively safe and can operate in NY winters sign me up to help you sell them and I’ll be first in line to buy one.

  15. Also, I’d love to see a progress update on the “mass-production, ultra-efficient, Comfortable Commuter Car, the WIKISPEED C3, as a complete car for $17,995 and as a kit for $10,000.” (from

  16. I saw your demo at Agile West. I dig the idea, but am worried about the engineering of your vehicle. The front shock mounts seemed pretty flimsy (only two bolts up top and light heimjoints down below). Also, all the box tubing…is there a concern about it being too rigid and suffering from fatigue? Ive worked on a few vehicles over the years and theye things would concern me.

  17. Greetings!
    I love Wikispeed’s synergistic approach to business; I noticed some similarities to Six Sigma.
    Is Wikispeed looking to expand its target audience/ marketing reach?

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