What we need

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    Any and all donations and support to Team WIKISPEED (A Washington state, USA, non-profit corporation) are used directly to increase velocity to our backlog (TODO list) in the most awesome way we can. These donations are not investments; as a non-profit we have no profit to redistribute. Get ready to make the world a better place through your generosity.

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  • We need you to donate or discount us the machines and materials below:

Following is a short, bulleted list of what we need. Please consider donating to us or offering sponsorship to team WIKISPEED so that we can secure these much-needed items.

  • 4130 steel pipe, 1.25″ to 2″ outer diameter, at least .08″ thick—any length; we are looking for 40′.
  • argon welding gas and TIG welding consumables
  • Arduino Unos and Megas, Netduino circuit boards
  • 6061-T6 aluminum—all shapes and sizes. We use a lot of 4″x4″x.125″ wall square tube and .25″ thick plate.
  • 17″ wheels and tires—any type, 5x114mm bolt pattern. If they fit a 2006+ Honda Civic, for example, they will fit WIKISPEED. We can adjust for offset and center-bore.
  • CNC milling machine—R8 collet preferred
  • CNC table router—like this (
  • CNC foam-cutting (hot wire) machine
  • CNC tube bender—like this
  • CNC cutoff saw
  • carbon-fiber rolls—50″ wide preferred, 5.7 oz or heavier; plain-weave preferred, non-pre-preg
  • Polycarbonate sheets—any size and 1/8″ or thicker
  • battery electric vehicle to test—converted at home, a Nissan Leaf, or similar
  • any powertrain/engine you would like us to test and develop a module for, at least 50hp, at least 36k miles between major services
  • shop vaccuum and filters
  • grade-8, 3/8″-diameter bolts, various lengths
  • working automotive batteries—any type with more than 220 cold cranking amps (CCA)
  • any engine bay or suspension part from a 2006+ Honda Civic with an R18A engine and automatic transmission. We can always use more of these.
  • windshields from Mazda Miata—any year.
  • beer and healthy snacks

A few of the generously donated or deeply discounted items we have received:

  • tow vehicle. Thanks, Tom Tabor, for the 1986 Chevy Suburban!
  • pair of production TIG welding machines. Thanks, Everlast, for the EX250 units; they are working well!