The services and pricing outlined for this event are offered subject to the following terms and conditions

Intellectual Property

WIKISPEED Inc. and its subcontractors reserve exclusive rights to any pre-existing methods, approaches, frameworks, documents, or other intellectual property used by its staff in the course of completing this engagement. Our clients are granted a limited license to use these methods, approaches, frameworks, documents or other intellectual property for the exclusive purpose of implementing the actions or recommendations derived from our work together.

WIKISPEED Inc. also reserves the rights to any new intellectual property generated or refined through the course of its work with clients. Rights to co-developed materials may be jointly owned by WIKISPEED Inc. , its subcontractors, and clients with an active role in their development. In this case, co-ownership must be explicitly granted in writing by WIKISPEED Inc.

In addition, WIKISPEED Inc. is actively engaged in advancing the frontiers of Agile thinking, and may seek to develop teaching materials, case studies and/or write-ups derived from its work on this engagement. We always seek to do this in partnership with our clients, and will request permission before publishing. Any data provided by the client to WIKISPEED Inc. for the purposes of completing our engagement remains the client’s property.


From time to time, our client work requires us to see and use non-public information (written or otherwise), including employee data, financial data and internal strategic documents. Disclosure of this “Confidential Information” could cause harm to our client. In light of this, WIKISPEED Inc. agrees to maintain the confidentiality of our client’s Confidential Information. This information must be marked “Confidential” at the time it is shared with WIKISPEED Inc.

Information will not be considered “Confidential” if:

  1. It is generally known to the public or is available in the public domain
  2. It was independently developed by Scrum without access or reference to other 
Confidential Information
  3. It was lawfully obtained from a third party without any obligation of confidentiality
  4. It was known to WIKISPEED Inc. prior to the start of the engagement
  5. It was later published or generally disclosed by client

WIKISPEED Inc. may disclose confidential information as required by law. In this case, we will notify our client of an impending disclosure before it is made.

WIKISPEED Inc. also reserves the right to list past clients in our marketing, proposal, and class materials.


We recognize that well-executed Scrum implementation can drive significant competitive advantage, and that WIKISPEED Inc.’s work will occasionally expose us to proprietary information that, if shared, could harm our client’s competitive position. In light of this, WIKISPEED Inc. is willing to enter a non-compete agreement with our clients, if explicitly requested and justified by the work being performed. However, any non-compete agreement will be limited to work with direct competitors to our client (defined as operating in the same industry and geographic market as the client business unit that WIKISPEED Inc. is supporting) and the exclusion period of the non-compete will not exceed one year following the last day of a paid engagement.

Staff Availability

WIKISPEED Inc. will make every attempt to have the identified team available at the time support is requested, or to make alternative staff available. To maintain our agile operation, we require notice of an impending request for ad hoc consulting support no later than the week before support is requested. Requests with more lead time allow significantly more flexibility in support.

We continually seek to improve our service and results, ergo welcome any feedback on our team, its members, and the service provided.

Payment Terms

Event payment and per diem are due in full at time of booking.  WIKISPEED Inc. will invoice travel reimbursement at the time the event is completed.  Payment is due to WIKISPEED Inc. within 30 days after receipt of each invoice. WIKISPEED Inc. reserves the right to apply interest, starting from the invoice date, calculated using the US Prime Rate as listed in the Wall Street Journal on the invoice date and compounded daily, on any payments not received within the 30-day window.  All sales are final, no refunds for cancellations.  Rescheduling to another available date is optional and encouraged.  Additional charges may be incurred if travel arrangements have already been made.

Limits of Liability

In no event will WIKISPEED Inc. be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including lost profits. This holds even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. WIKISPEED Inc.’s liability from any cause will be limited to the total amount paid by the client to WIKISPEED Inc. for its services.

Local Tax Obligation

The client is responsible for any local tax obligations arising from our provision of services under this engagement. Any taxes imposed by local jurisdictions other than those where WIKISPEED Inc. maintains an office will be paid by the client in addition to the fees included in this proposal.