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Below is a partial list of events Team WIKISPEED members have been invited to present or conduct workshops:

Scrum Gathering London, Scrum Gathering Seattle, Scrum Gathering Barcelona, Agile2012, Scrum Agile Summit (Bangalore, India), Lean Agile Scrum Conference (Zurich), Software Development and Evolution Conference (Winnipeg, Canada), Agile Tour Vietnam, Agile Tour Shanghai, Yahoo (Bangalore), Google (Seattle), Microsoft (Redmond), ENSCI School of Industrial Design (Paris), University of Washington, University of California Berkeley, Denver University, Agile Welly (New Zealand), TEDx Rainier (Washington), Openly Disruptive (Saint Louis), NAIAS (Detroit), Agile Leadership Network (Houston), Agile Project Leadership Network (Seattle), Boeing (Mukilteo), local and national radio, OuiShare (Rome, Barcelona, Paris), Rotary (Washington), SolutionsIQ (Redmond), SASQAG, IEEE, SeaSpin, LeanCoffee (Seattle, Winnipeg), Agiel India 2013, John Deere Tech Connect, Wikimedia and IIMB Banguluru, UNESCO Headquarters, and others.

WIKISPEED and it’s eXtreme Manufacturing method are part of the curriculum at these and more educational institutions:
– KEDGE business school, Bordeaux
– ESCPEurope, Paris
– ESMT, Berlin
– McKinsey, Germany
– Babson College, Boston
– Macquaire University, Sydney
– Tshwane University of Technology’s Business School, South Africa
– Red River College, Winnipeg, Canada.
– Iron Range Engineering College, Minnesota, USA.
– Boston University, USA
– Saint Marys University, Canada
– Parsons The New School for Design, NYC, USA and Barcelona, Spain. Student XM project won the Design for Well Being Award 2014

Joe Justice, the team lead of Team WIKISPEED, is one of many team members often asked to present on Team WIKISPEED’s methods, such as eXtreme Manufacturing. His speaker’s bio is posted here for public reference:

About Joe Justice: Joe Justice is a consultant at Scrum Inc., a TEDx speaker, and coach for agile hardware and manufacturing teams around the world. He is the creator of the eXtreme Manufacturing method, and founder of Team WIKISPEED: an all Scrum volunteer based green automotive-prototyping company, with a goal to change the world for the better. Joe has been featured in Forbes, CNN Money, the Discovery Channel, and others. Joe consults and coaches teams and companies on implementing Scrum at all levels of their organization, in software and physical manufacturing.  Pictures and publications available at

WIKISPEED is a United States registered automotive manufacturer and a Washington State, USA, non-profit company with R&D inputs from a global think-tank collaborating using Agile project management and open source licensing. Their modular light-weight vehicle tied for 10th place in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, outlasting more than 100 cars from companies and universities around the world. The open-source evolutions of this design are currently available for road legal sale.