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Scrum at Scale

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A good friend and former colleague recently emailed me: "What is your take on SAFe?" I thought others might enjoy our edited down email thread: Joe: "SAFe, in my opinion, gives good structure but slows and dissents inspection and adaption above the team level as the...

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Agile 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

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Agile methods and frameworks gained popularity in all types of work, but far and away the majority of folks taking it on were initially software delivery teams. Searching for books on "Agile" now returns mostly software delivery team specific books. Later, agile in delivery teams...

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Manufacturing and Scaling

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Some thoughts on how WIKISPEED works within or around traditional manufcaturing constraints: Labor Pool: We invest thought each week into reducing the gap between anyone on the street and a productive Team WIKISPEED team member. We have re-factored our on-boarding process down to a 5 minute...

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