WIKISPEEDlet Challenge – $1,000

Folks, we are very, very close to something super-mega-awesome.

The first person that can film a demo of this working and mail or deliver a working prototype to the Lynnwood shop, gets our massive gratitude, the gratitude of all mankind if this works as well as it could, co-inventor credit, and $1,000 USD that we’ll PayPal you. If you’re a team or group, you can determine how to share that.

  • A box, less than the size of a shoe, and the smaller the better. A deck of cards size would be a great goal.
  • The box has a output plug that securely connects to the 6 pin wire that plugs into the accelerator pedal of a 2006-2011 Honda Civic.
  • The box has an input plug that securely plugs into the 6 pin plug on a 2006-2011 Honda Civic accelerator pedal itself.
  • The box has an input plug and cable to connect to an OBDII port while still allowing another device to plug into the OBDII port at its usual location — so a Y cable or pass-through cable.
  • A circuit board inside the box that can read accelerator pedal position and output the same or a different accelerator pedal position signal based on stuff read in from the OBDII port, such as RPM or vehicle speed.
  • The device is programmable with only a laptop, a cable, and free software using a major programming language such as a derivative of C or Java. A raspberry pi, netdiuno, or arduino are examples of this.
  • The device is semi-hardened; it fails to a safe mode (see scenario 3), requires no boot setup, handles minor physical or static shock without confusion.
Test cases:
  1. Plug in this awesome device running a program that prevents the car from accelerating past 70mph, pressing the accelerator pedal further at 70mph simply holds speed. (Feel free to use a lower speed for the test case).
  2. The car will not accelerate using more than 50% injector duty cycle (that data or similar should be available on the OBDII port). I.e. the accelerator pedal is pressed to the floor but the engine only murmurs and slowly accelerates at a constant fuel use.
  3. The device can be overridden by hitting a panic button, causing the device to simply pass through the accelerator pedal signal, until the panic button is reset, where it resumes the previous 2 behaviors without needing setup or being plugged back into a laptop.
  4. Behaviors 1 and 2 are able to be adjusted in software to be trigged by a target RPM range or other OBDII parameter. I.e. the engine will only use 50% of injector duty cycle below 3,000 rpm, but allows up to the full % of the injector duty cycle above 3,000 rpm, but does not exceed 70mph.

Please pass on this challenge to anyone who may be interested!! There is no timeframe, but the sooner the better. Let’s do awesome together!