5 disruptive ideas that WIKISPEED uses

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-committing to release a new version of all of your products every 7 days.

-welcoming your costumers and competitors to join the team, use your IP, and work on the next version of your product with you.

-choosing to do work that makes the world a better place- work worth doing, that focusses on value to the end users ahead profit generation.

-viewing all “competitors” as future partners.

-committing to radical transparency- publishing everything you learn, good and bad, as fast as you can and as clearly as you can.

This can be summed up as saying that we grade ourselves against the 4 agile values and 12 agile principles once every 7 days, and create at least one task we’ll try within the next 7 days to either improve our grade or preserve our grade. -Joe

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