WIKISPEED to help companies during restructuring

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WIKISPEED is part of a plan for restructuring a French aircraft company.

A representative from an insolvent French aircraft company contacted WIKSIPEED to seek help using rapid iterations and Agility as they restructure their company.  Below is an edit of the conversation:

Thank you for writing, your story is both interesting and emotionally touching. Any time we see a depressed economic area with a business under financial duress, our very human response of wanting to help can well up to encourage us and build hope and careers for the people there.

Q: What is the business model used to launch and financially support the WIKISPEED project?

A) We worked in short iterations, funding only the MUST-HAVE work in that iteration, and nothing else, to produce working product. We then used the public demonstration of each of those product iterations to fund the next iteration. This would be like funding your aviation business for 1 week, saying, “On Friday, we will have 2 customers and the press here. We will show them what we created this week and what tests it passes, and what tests it has yet to pass, and see if they are interested in advanced orders. If not, we are out of money. If they do, we will be able to fund the team for another week.” In this way the X Prize was like our first release, with that car built in 3 months.

Q: Is there any show stopper and what would you recommend for success in a highly complex and regulated industry?

A) In a complex and regulated industry such as aviation, or automotive manufacturing for that matter, we must practice Test DRIVEN Development. In this I mean it in the most strict sense- that tests are built and running BEFORE we begin design, or even sketches of our solutions. This is the only way to design safety and compliance in, and it ensures understanding of the regulatory and compliance tests as a test fixture had to be built (or the inspector booked and the process made known). It also is the method for rapid innovation, as once the battery of tests has been produced radical ideas may be evaluated objectively very, very quickly.

Q) If my company recovery proposal was retained would it be possible to get supporting advices  from WIKISPEED and/or SolutionIQ ?

A) We would love to support you and your work, helping save jobs in this depressed region, and renew a culture of innovation there. WIKISPEED and SolutionsIQ together have services to aid in the restructuring and re-growth of troubled companies, we would love to help. My current SolutionsIQ consulting rate if you were to have me come out to work with the group there is $2,500 U.S. per day. We are able to re-launch an executive group or a delivery group in about 5 days for $20,000 U.S. If those are at all helpful we would love to be a part of building success for your company during restructuring.

-Joe Justice, Team Lead, WIKISPEED

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