XM Workshop in your business- curriculum

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More and more companies are inviting WIKISPEED to their site to build a WIKISPEED car with them, or sending managers and delivery team members to WIKISPEED and pair with our team. The common thread seems to be hands on experience delivering an Agile hardware project with XM, and in some cases launching or re-launching a team to use Agile practices. The flow for an XM workshop is customized every time to the client team we are coaching. Here is the starter backlog that we currently start with and then customize:

if off-site folks: start live stream, slots throughout the day to view the live stream.
Sponsors and Executive introduction to the workshop.
getting to know you, ice breaker.
presentation and opening.
XM Shop Setup. safety shelf, tool organization, kanban board.
create the backlog.
estimate the backlog (depending on if the group wants to estimate when they are done or accelerate delivery as quickly as responsible).
Teach by doing: Pairing and Swarming.
Get to work.
iteration 1 Demo and retrospective.
iteration 2 Demo and retrospective.
iteration 3 Demo and retrospective.
High Fives, presentation and closing.

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