Rapid Prototyping Circuit Boards

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We use a homebuild system that we bought complete for $2,700 USD. The plans to build that are free online here: With this unit and etchable PCB’s, you can Subtractively Rapid Print your circuit boards in house, and it goes really fast too- no more 3 week to 3 month turn-around times for rapid prototyping! And the best part, in volume you can simply add another N SRP machines side by side to get the velocity required to keep up with your line flow, and rely on your partners for even more value add work like helping design the next version and improve the current version.

I haven’t used these company’s machines, but they appear to offer a vended commercial product similar to the homebuilt unit we use:
We have used this service for rapid PCB prototyping through the mail, our team in France relies on them for many projects:
Maybe the most awesome but I have not yet tried it myself, and maybe even easier, is using a 3d printer (this one is from a company that sponsors WIKISPEED, and it looks great: and alternate a pass of standard non-conductive plastic with a pass of conductive plastic:
The world is awesome,
Joe Justice
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