Setting up your own WIKISPEED shop, wherever you are!

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A WIKISPEED shop– any shop with 5 practices of a WIKISPEED shop.
An active WIKISPEED shop– a shop that has uploaded a demo of a completed user story from the Team WIKISPEED backlog this sprint.

Here’s a video tour of one of the shops:

So, how to get started? Find a space, any space the size of a car parking space or larger if you can. Or even smaller if you might be working on non-automotive projects such as the WIKISPEED MicroHouse or one module of the car.

Then, make it:

1) Always Open. For it to be a WIKISPEED shop, we want people to be able to come help you out any time. So put a combination lock on the door, or a keypad lock, or no lock at all if that is responsible in your area, so people can come and go without a key when they need to.

2) Safety Shelf. Find a used shelf or bin and place a first-aid kit in there. And any other safety gear relavent to what you are working on- work gloves for example, maybe safety goggles. No need to go buy more than the essentials, other team members may donate things as they see more safety gear is needed, like maybe a fire extinguisher. The point is that ALL safety gear you have is right here, in ONE place, so it can be easily found before anyone starts a task, and its easy to return safety gear to its place.

3) Snack Shelf. JUST AS IMPORTANT AS THE SAFETY SHELF! A shelf or bin with healthy snacks, water, beer, and whatever else the team might need to boost morale. Typically this is populated by donations, ask folks to bring beer and healthy snacks if they can when they visit and you’ll be in great shape.


4) Clear, sorted inventory of tools. Set all the tools you have in clear bins on shelves, or similar. The goal is to be able to stand in one place and see every tool available, not closed drawers or closed boxes. Group like with like, in as few categories as responsible. This helps new people find tools quickly, and know what to donate to you if they see you don’t have it.WIKISPEED_Practice4

5) Kanban of Tests. A whiteboard works great for this, the bigger the better. A 4’x8′ shower board can work for erasable marker, and is usually <$20, or a large pane of glass if the edges are protected. Use sticky notes to write tests of what you want to get done in this shop, and in what order. For more infomation on this, see

AND NOW YOU ARE UP AND RUNNING! There is a LOT of fine tuning to do, but that’s all of the basics. Just 5 practices and you have turned your spare bedroom, shed, walk-in-closet, back yard, garage, or rented commercial building into a WIKISPEED shop!

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