Agile Hardware Resources

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I was recently asked via email for a collection of links and books for Agile Hardware development. I’ve posted my reply to the blog, in case that is useful to otherfolks, as a snapshot in time of what is available. Please post more resources in the comments!
The best dive into agile for hardware currently, is a two day immersion course I teach with Scrum Inc in Seattle once per quarter: (this link will likely change after August 22nd 2014).
The attendees are organized into Scrum teams, coordinated with Scrum of Scrums, and then the class works through each of the Certified Scrum Master learning objectives with each designing and outputting a module of the car. Then, at the end of the class, a car drives out. It’s very high energy, and folks leave with the skills to lead and participate in hardware agile initiatives. The early bird fee for the next class, August 21st and 22nd, is $1,400 until August 1st, then $1,650 until the day of the class. There are group discounts for more than 3 people.
On books, the best I’ve read is the pre-print of this book, written by my boss, that goes to print September 30th 2014:
The WIKISPEED blog has some gems:
the WIKIPEDIA page introduces the pratices well:
The Forbes Blog is pretty damn good:
5) and the 5th time was a mention from Forbes Billionaire Club which no longer has a live link.
And there are now several case studies, one picked up by Harvard Business Review:
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