Agile Demo as Joint Engineering Review:

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This post is in addition to core Scrum, and is my opinion on how to help boot up Scrum in a company as an Agile business process trainer, consultant, and coach:

Any meeting which has the primary purpose of communicating information out may be responsibly replaced by a Scrum team’s sprint review, also called sprint demo. For example, for a demo to serve as Joint Engineering Review in a regulated industry, the team’s Scrum Master simply needs to take minutes of which stories where approved, the current posted team Definition of Done, and note who was in attendance. Those in attendance are witnesses to and approving of the Product Owner’s acceptance or rejection of each Product Backlog item presented during the Sprint Review. This also serves as risk mitigation by having the broad engineering staff present and witnessing product owner acceptance, which enables the advantage of engineering organization wide accountability as opposed to all risk being shouldered by only the Scrum Team’s Product Owner. In this way, the primary goal of the Joint Engineering review is preserved, and made more frequent through short Sprint Review meetings every sprint (often one week).

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