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AWESOME GROUPS: Following is a list of groups that WikiSpeed loves, admires, collaborates with, or similar, for various reasons, and how to get involved with each. Joe Justice, at the very least, highly recommends each of these at present:

AGILE, LEAN, AND SCRUM: Offering paid training, consulting, and coaching to get twice the work in half the time by setting up and improving Scrum teams in organizations worldwide. Based in Cambridge, MA, USA, flying to serve clients globally. Online paid training at


CARS: Designing and building ultra-efficient commuter cars and racing cars. Competing in eco-challenges, top tier races such as the Nurburging 24 hours, and public sale as cheaply as their materials allow. Open Build Parties for families and enthusiasts to build cars with them in Lynnwood, WA, USA. Open to volunteers in person and remote online.

Evergreen Raceway: Our nearest track for testing and competition. In Monroe, WA, USA.

LG German racing team on the famed Nurburgring, using WikiSpeed and other cars and parts. Open to volunteers in person in Munster and Addenau, Germany.

Best Motoring International: technical and impressionistic evaluation of the world’s top sports cars and tuner cars. Based in Japan. Available for purchase online and some content available for free internet streaming.

GT Channel: distribution of automotive enthusiast videos, including sub-titled distribution of Best Motoring. Available for purchase online and some content available for free internet streaming. Online forum of deep nerdery to improve the efficiency of existing automobiles. Online forum of the care, improvement, and enjoyment of the Honda/Acura NSX, often argued as the world’s only reliable and ergonomic super car. Community voting on vehicle concepts, community challenges to design road going instantiations of those concepts, micro-factories to build them, and online sales. Based in Chandler, AZ, USA with online participation and sales. Automotive news of all types updated dozens of times a day.


NATURALISM: Led by legendary naturalist, animal tracker and wilderness living expert Tom Brown, offering paid training in wilderness skills based in Waretown, Nj, USA. In Seattle area, education and meet-ups in this vein are hosted by Earthwalk NorthWest and John Young’s Wilderness School. Online at



Shaolin-Do: Club founded to promote and preserve traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. Offering paid training based in Lexington, KY, USA, with artists practicing in many countries and most states. In Seattle, the club is in Shoreline, WA, USA.



Open Source Ecology: Collaboratively producing the minimum set of machines to maintain or rebuild our current level of civilization, all in open source. Based in Missouri, USA. Open to volunteers in person and remote online.

SawHorse Revolution: Hands on construction of micro houses for the Homeless in the Seattle area, USA. Open to volunteers in person.

WikiMedia Foundation: the group that supports media Wiki, the software on which and other wiki sites run. This group is open to volunteers from anywhere in the world, and helps organize groups to update Wikipedia. Based in San Francisco, CA, USA. Open to volunteers in person and remote online.

MakeMagazine: Magazine of DIY electronics and engineering at a scale that fits in many people’s kitchen or bedside table. Available for purchase online.

EduScrum and AgileSchools: Two of the leading groups using agile methods to educate K through high school.

Seattle MettleHeads: Metalwork and machining online email list.

Seattle Robotics: Robotics online email List.

Elcano: A self-driving tricycle project led by Dr. Tyler Fulsom at the University of Washington’s Bothell Campus, USA.

8bit Seattle: A group producing vintage video game feel products and services, like an 8bit map of Seattle.

MOB, Makers of Barcelona: A phablab and makerspace, and the group that frequents it, actively reinventing their city of Barcelona, Spain to be more hackable and more maker friendly.

Open University of Catalonia: Multi-lingual open university in Catalonia, Spain.

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