The Three Scrum Outputs

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An email came in last week from a Florida area Scrum coach, checking on the three outputs of Scrum I referenced in an online course with the Scrum Alliance. This is in the context of the 3-5-3 recipe for booting up Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide: 3 Roles in Scrum, the 5 Meetings (or 4 Meetings and 1 Activity if your a process nerd like me), and the 3 outputs of Scrum. If others are curious too, I posted my best answer here:

“The current rev of the Scrum Guide infers them and I’m always asking Jeff why it isn’t more explicit, as he does teach it as the 3 outputs. In any event:

1) Product Backlog.
2) Sprint Backlog.
3) Make Work Visible (can of course be accomplished many ways, but many Scrum Masters seem to be doing this well by posting the Product Backlog in the team area always up, same with the Sprint Backlog, and same with the Sprint and Release Burn Downs. Even higher-power Scrum Masters (my opinion) are rocking this with a value stream map of the team’s flow, updated each sprint, which you saw in the slide of Mission Bell Winery when scrumming their champagne line).

Hope that is in some way useful!”

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