Innovation Racing Series

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Announcing WIKISPEED’s Intent to Launch Innovation Racing Series. All content is draft as of this writing, and improvements are warmly welcomed.

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What: A series to race innovative vehicles and sell them right off the podium.

Why: Current racing series are not developing products relevant to saving our planet quickly enough, nor making them immediately available.

How Much: Cost structure modeled after ultra-affordable and popular racing schemas such as LeMons racing. This provides high levels of safety at very low cost to the teams participating. The intent is for teams to be able to compete safely starting at $5,000.00 USD, and attracting teams fielding multi-million dollar entries as well.

When: Immediately and regularly. First event likely Q3 2016.

Where: Inaugural event intended to be hosted at Evergreen Speedway, Snohomish, WA, USA. Intent to host events at international racing circuits, especially the world infamous Nurburgring in Germany.


A short and simple set of rules, less than 10, each tweet length or less, is posted along with a race date, venue, and prize purse. Any vehicle testing by event officials to meet all rules for the race are then eligible to race to the finish, fastest vehicle wins. Like all complex adaptive systems, all decisions outside the simple set of rules are completely up to the teams developing and campaigning the cars.

The rules are intended to allowing winning only through developing solutions that are not readily available today to real and meaningful problems. Possible rules for a given race could include:

“Vehicle navigate the track once autonomously in less than 10 minutes.” “Vehicles powered only by supplied battery pack, specs and interface posted .” “Vehicles emit less than 200g of CO2 while spinning a dynamometer at 600+ SAE hp for 10 minutes.”

Each race will be hosted in as spectacular a fashion as responsible to the direct goal of main stream press coverage, in order to create consumer awareness that these problems have been solved and they needn’t settle for less from any provider.

In order to ensure solutions innovated by these vehicles reaches the market immediately, vehicles will be posted for public sale race series website,, with ebaymotors serving as the actual transaction hosting site, as each vehicle is registered to compete in the next race. Vehicle reserve price will be determined by the class in which the vehicle is competing. Vehicle sale will be complete at the end of the race, with the winner now owning the actual vehicle that competed in the condition it ended its race, adding risk and drama as damage, newly set records, and fame are all possible. Sale price is final and not effected by later rulings, disqualifications, qualifications, etc. Prior to customer delivery, the vehicle will be held in “Park Firm” to be inspected by the racing series officials. At this time the vehicle may be 3d scanned and further tested, with data and scans posted publicly, to increase the likely-hood the racing vehicle innovations are well understood.

Participant funding: Each team is funded by the possible sale of their competition vehicle, clearing garage space and giving capital to develop the next iteration of their vehicle to meet the rules of the next race. In addition:

The series hosting website will provide an online store for purchasing sponsorship of each vehicle currently registered to enter the series. This will include advertising space on the vehicle’s surface area, a word in the vehicle’s name, advertising space on the banner hung in the team area of the vehicle on race day and displayed behind the vehicle in official race images, and possible other opportunities. These funds are supplied to the team racing that vehicle.

The series itself will be funded by retaining 8% of these transactions, in addition to sponsorship of the event itself also sold on the event website.

  • Lorne Salter | Jan 2, 2016 at 3:48 AM

    Reminds me of late 50s stock car races Toronto exhibition stadium hobby class. Anyone could buy any car at end of race for$200 as a way to limit and equalize the field for fairness.

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