Getting To Market with no Finance or Resources

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This week I was messaged on LinkedIn about how to deliver new machinery designs without finance or resources. Wikispeed is famous for this, and some folks may be interested in our conversation:
My problem is finance and resources. I have the basic architectural options that must be iterated through. I am curious to know how you got financing and basics of how you got the car going, how you engaged others in the open source, etc. and if it can be applied to a machine. It may be basic but since you have done it already, I could use your tips. My goal is to take a finished product and the success story back to Caterpillar and others in industrial equipment to make an impact on their product development strategy and methods.

I hear you. For WIKISPEED I realized I couldn’t afford a factory, and I’d seen too many good designs sit unbuilt until they were irrelevant simply for lack of funding to complete manufacturability. So we created the WIKISPEED build server: ( I’d say, step one is set up a build server or regularly commute to the nearest one. Then, re-design your product for the build server (it’s cheap and fun) and build some or a version of your product as often as you can afford it, once per week if you can, and when the design is marketable simply have yourself or yourself and others run the build server to produce it affordable in volume.

  • Jonathan Daniels | Jan 31, 2017 at 10:22 PM

    There needs to be a greater business model than open sourcing development. The modular design of the car is good, but there need to be a set goal for performance to be used in a family car, sports car, or other use. By Wikispeed selling parts, they can encourage DIY Vehicle enthusiasts. OR we could have a more consistent mail out that would better engage and manage contributors.

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