Scrum Sales Teams

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We are often asked about how best to Scrum sales groups and teams.

First, is it worth training the sales staff in Scrum?

We’ve seen sales double rate of deal closure then double that again by running aggressive scrum. We’ve seen even better product to market match when sales team members are new product development team Product Owners.

Second, what does this imply for commissions or bonus strategy?

From a client and friend via LinkedIn: “Definitely. So far we’ve found that teamwork oriented sales and shared commissions create a rallying effect rather than a cutthroat effect. And through the team, the “society” of the group self-manages performance expectations and rewards. I’ll keep you updated.” -Stephen Ellis, CEO Vutiliti.

Another client of ours summed up their experience with Scrum Sales this way; “As a wolf pack we bring down more meat.”

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