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Product Owner Dependability and Adaptability

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This blog post is an invite for open discussion.  If you have any insight or opinions about the content included in this post, please feel free to comment.  We appreciate all feedback and welcome all input. Here begins Rev 0 AKA the rough draft of my...

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Story Points Estimation

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This blog post summarizes the key points which came up in a conversation between Joe Justice and Chris Wallace discussing some challenges Chris is having with consistently and accurately estimating points for user stories in the WikiSpeed Burleson, TX, USA shop. While explaining his current experience with story...

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Burleson, TX Shop Now Open!

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The Burleson , TX shop is now open.  Come by for our scheduled build party every Sunday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Central Time.  These builds are open to the public, at no charge.  We love families and children of all ages if accompanied by a responsible adult. You are invited to...

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The Culture We Expect

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The Culture We Expect: Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools. Customer Value over Comprehensive Documentation. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation. Responding to Change over Following a plan. (adapted from the Agile Manifesto, 2001)   Useful definitions: Experts: those who aggressively collaborate to improve their dataset. –Joe Justice Intellectual Humility: Awareness that one...

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We Limit Our Materials

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A core XM (eXtreme Manufacturing) practice is to only use materials that can be inexpensively iterated (re-made) in less than a week, and then choose the fewest number of different materials / processes practical in order to build deep experience quickly. Here's the list of stuff to...

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