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WIKISPEED to Host Intro Scrum Classes – by William Newing

WikiSpeed Process Improvement Tracking

WIKISPEED is hosting classes with the creators of Scrum, Scrum Inc.! Upcoming Public Classes:

Jan 01 2016: WIKISPEED Announces intent to host Innovation Racing Series.

Thanks for making our Kickstarter a success!

Thanks to “Report” for translating our work into Italian!

You can download the CAD files for the Pedal Plate Module here.

You can download the CAD files for the S2000 Steering Rack Brackets here.

You can save the CAD files for our open source chassis by clicking here.  The Bill of Materials for the angle plate bolt together version of the chassis are here.


WIKISPEED is a United States registered automotive manufacturer and a Washington State, USA, non-profit company with R&D inputs from a global think-tank collaborating using Agile project management and open source licensing. Our modular light-weight vehicle tied for 10th place in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize, outlasting more than 100 cars from companies and universities around the world. The open-source evolutions of this design are currently available for road legal sale. Collaboration on new product development is open to anyone in the world, regardless of background, by remote-pairing with an experienced team member and pulling tasks from team’s prioritized backlog of tasks. Team WIKISPEED is composed of over 1,000 members having signed up in more than 20 countries to date.
Our Lynnwood, WA, USA shop hosts family friendly Build Parties every Sunday! Come build a car with us using Agile, Lean, and Scrum. Open to all ages with responsible adult participation. We teach and work with aluminum, carbon fiber, brake and cooling lines, wiring and Arduino programming, and Scrum team project management. No cost, donations accepted if you like.

You can read more about us on Forbes and CNN Money!


Current Backlog:

WIKISPEED Innovation Race Series. Product Owner: Joe Justice.

Open Source, ultra-low cost car chassis. Product Owner: Chris Wallace.

Open Source, ultra-low cost electric AC Motor Controller. Product Owner: Michael Lulchak.

MicroHouse for the involuntarily homeless. Product Owner: Jeff Finan.

Previous Backlog:

We entered Local Motors and ARPA-E LiteCar Challenge!

We registered as interested in the $6 billion contract for U.S. Postal Vehicles that get more than 10 mpg!

Attendees of South By South West 2015 built a car with us, in one day!

Our XMfg (eXtreme Manufacturing) open source method is the main event at the 2015 Big M Manufacturing Conference in Detroit’s COBO Hall!

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